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Picture Points

We value our loyal customers and would like to thank you for your custom with our picture points scheme.  It's easy to participate and allows you to exchange points for gifts.

As soon as you have registered you will start earning points; one point for every pound spent..  This is our way of saying thank you for using Travel Pictures.   As you earn points we will send you Amazon vouchers which you can exchange for gifts.

You may choose to save your points for a large gift like an iPod or to receive more frequent gifts like CDs or DVDs. The choice is yours.


How to get going . . . .

  • Create an account if you don’t already have one (click on register in the top right of the screen). We will contact you as soon as it has been approved.
  • Login to Travel Pictures and click on the picture points icon or select My Account from the top menu and then select Picture Points from the sub menu.
  • Start using www.travel-pictures.co

How it works . . . .

You must register to start earning points.

We will award you one point for every pound you spend..

We will send you Amazon e-vouchers once you have accumulated the qualifying number of points. You select the qualifying amount when you join the scheme. This can be as low as 1000 points for a £10 voucher.

You can monitor how your points are accumulating. Login and select [My Account] from the top menu bar and then select [Account Details].

Purchases must be made under the same username and password.

Please allow upto a month to receive an e-voucher.

See below for detailed T&Cs.

Click Here for more details on Amazon gift vouchers.


What you can get . . . .

Spend £1000 and we will send you an Amazon £10 e-voucher if you specify you wish to receive £10 e-vouchers. Alternatively, if you specify £25 e-vouchers, you would need to spend £2,500.

For the example iPod gift above, you would need to spend £15,000. We won't wait for you to reach this total but will send you the e-vouchers as you earn them.

You can exchange a single e-voucher for an inexpensive gift like a book, CD or DVD or save the e-Vouchers up and by a more expensive gift like the iPod or a digital camera. The choice is yours.

To monitor your points . . .

  1. Login as normal (if you are not automatically logged in when starting to use this web site)
  2. Select [My Account] from the top menu bar
  3. Select [Account Details]

This page displays a summary of your points accumulated and any vouchers earned. You can also click on [Used] next to Browse Images Ordered to view how the points have been allocated.

Detailed T&Cs

This reward scheme is run by Travel Pictures and is available to all customers who buy their pictures online from www.travel-pictures.co and register with the scheme.

You may not be able to participate in this scheme if you are benefiting from another Travel Pictures special offer..

Points are accumulated by individuals registered to the scheme not jointly to company accounts. However, a single user may coordinate the accumulation of points for a group but they must use the same login and password for all orders.

Travel Pictures reserves the right to vary the rate at which points are granted. The current rate will always be displayed on Travel Pictures' web site.

Rewards will only be sent to accounts in good standing and once all related invoices are paid in full.

No cash alternatives to the e-vouchers are available.

Any tax liability on any e-voucher received from Travel Pictures under this scheme will be the sole responsibility of the recipient and not Travel Pictures.

Customers redeem their e-vouchers with Amazon. Amazon's terms & conditions for e-vouchers will apply. Travel Pictures has no affiliation with Amazon. We reserve to right to substitute an alternative to Amazon e-vouchers.

All rewards are issued as e-vouchers and uploaded to the customers web account. Travel Pictures responsible for lost or stolen e-vouchers.

All points awarded will be valid for two years.

Travel Pictures' picture points scheme is void where prohibited or restricted by law.

Further Information

If you require further information on picture points please contact Karen McCunnall on +44 (0) 845 1163184 or karen@travel-pictures.co.uk


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